Spread glass pebbles over the media support tray, ensure no pebbles are inside the media
retainer area and the burner channel. Spread out over area.
Pebbles should appear as a random mix and not be stacked more than 2 high in a few spots.
Ensure media is not heaped in areas, spread evenly along.
Do not add extra media, or combine media types.
Do not cover pilot area.
Do not overfill with media above the pilot cover level.
Remove any media that is blocking the pilot area
Ensure the pilot flame is not impinged by media and can cross light the main burner.
Do not use any other media than as supplied and recommended by the manufacturer.
Use of other media may result in explosive media which may cause injury or damage.
Glass pebbles only (NATURAL GAS ONLY)
Ensure media retainer is fitted to burner. Burner flame slot should be located centrally.
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