Do not operate if you smell gas. Turn appliance off, extinguish any open flame. Contact your
installer or a licensed gasfitter.
Do not use if any part of this appliance has been submerged in water. Contact your installer or
a qualified service technician.
Solid fuels must not be burnt in the fire. Leaves, sticks, wood, paper food or material must be
kept away from the fire.
Appliance operates with luminous flames; carbon deposits may occur during operation.
Should the appliance fail to ignite or was recently turned off, allow 5 minutes before attempting to
reignite appliance.
In the event of abnormal operation please contact your licensed gas installer, gas service
personnel or Glen Dimplex Pty Ltd. Abnormal operation may consist of the following, noisy fan,
excessive or small flame, unusual flame appearance or colour, excessive sooting or other.
1. Press power button on the remote.
2. Press mode button until manual appears on lower area of screen
3. Press arrow up or down to change temperature.
4. Set the desired temperature - it must be above the room temperature for the
appliance to operate.
5. Appliance will start once the flame symbol appears on the remote.
6. Appliance will perform a 40 second pre-purge, then sparking will occur.
– Fire should operate within 1 minute of remote calling for heat.
NOTE – should the fire not start, a post purge may occur, turn off remote
- wait 5 minutes before reattempting to light the fire.
Appliance quick operation
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