The Element 1200 is controlled completely by the use of the remote control;
this remote can be used either as a manual operation or an auto operation.
The remote thermostat uses radio frequency to transmit to the gas/fan
The remote thermostat has a LCD display
The remote thermostat uses 2 off “AA” batteries which should last for
12 months. (Depending on quality of battery.) Batteries should be changed when smoke
alarms are changed.
The remote control and the controller are non-serviceable parts and if faulty should be
returned to Glen Dimplex Pty Ltd for replacement.
Factory Set Features
When turned on the fire will always start on the low setting and remain on low for 3 minutes,
it will then go to the high setting.
The fan will automatically come on in the high mode after the fire has been operating for 3
minutes 20 seconds.
When the fire shuts off on auto mode or is shut off in manual mode, the fan will continue to
operate for 3 minutes in the “High” mode.
The fire can be operated in either “Auto” mode or “Manual” mode.
Press and release the button to turn the thermostat on and off.
Setting the day of the week and time
With the thermostat off, press and hold the ‘T’ button for 2 seconds or longer to initiate
programming the time. Time, the hour setting and AM/PM will flash.
Setting the hour function
Press and release the sor tbutton to increase or decrease the hour setting by 1 hour.
Press ‘OK’ to accept.
Setting the minute function
Press and release, or press and hold the sor tbutton to increase or decrease the minute setting
by 1 minute.
Press ‘OK’ to accept.
Quick Start Guide
Locating the remote
The remote houses the thermostat that controls the heat output of the fire. When storing the
remote either on its wall bracket or by placing it somewhere in the room where the fire is located,
ensure there are no other heat sources that will affect the thermostats ability to accurately read the
room temperature. For example, by placing the remote in direct sunlight or under a cushion, the
fire may turn down or off before the room reaches the set temperature.
Setting the day of the week function
Press and release the sor tbutton to change the day of the week to the following or previous
day. Press and hold the sor tbutton for 2 seconds or longer to increase or decrease the day of
the week by 1 day every 0.5 seconds.
Press ‘OK’ to complete setting.
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