Wifi control is available on the Element space heater.
Wifi control offers a temperature feature which can be used in conjunction with the supplied remote
control or as the independent control.
Multiple devices can control the appliance. The appliance will operate based on its last received
Note 1 – Multiple devices may be connected to the appliance, only one appliance can be controlled
by a device at a time.
Note 2 – The room air temperature sensing device is located in the remote, accuracy of the
temperature sensing may be effected by the room layout, appliance installation and nearby
Note: The programming function is only done via the remote control.
These pages outline the Operation of the Real Flame MKII Thermostat system. The System
1. Real Flame Modulating Valve MKII update
2. Real Flame WiFi Interface MKII
3. Real Flame Thermostat MKII App
4. Real Flame MKII Web Service
These instructions assume that the Modulating valve has been installed into a fireplace with the
WiFi module connected.
WiFi Set-up
From Factory settings the Fireplace will broadcast an Access Point for the Mobile App to join with,
the Access point names have the following format,
Where ‘XXXXXX’ is the last six digits of the WiFi modules MAC addresses, the Access point is
secured with the default password ‘Realflame’
Joining the access point in this mode will allow you to,
1. Control the Fireplace via its own WiFi Access point, and is good for Demo and testing
2. Push the Fireplace to a local or home network, this allows you to control the Fireplace whilst
also being able to use your local network resource such as Internet, email and Facebook.
1. This mode is required to utilise the Server control features of the Fireplace.
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