Natural gas / Propane
1. Turn appliance off and allow to cool.
2. Turn gas supply off.
3. Turn off and isolate electrical supply from appliance
4. Remove lower trim angle (lift upwards).
5. Remove trim – slide down and out.
6. Remove door bolts - hinge door slightly forward and lift up.
NOTE – recommended 2 persons required to remove door,
7. Remove media from burner if fitted. Dust mask recommended to be worn.
8. Remove burner media tray.
9. Remove pilot bracket holding screws.
10. Remove screws holding burner to base plate (at both ends of burner).
11. Lift burner up gently and support.(REFER FURTHER DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)
12. Undo gas pipe connection at end of burner. (15mm and 16mm spanner required).
Burner can now be lifted out.
13. Lift burner out gently.
To avoid damage to the insulation apply low tack tape to the burner to restrain the insulation into
position. Avoid pressing the tape onto the media. The insulation media may easily crack if the
appliance has been operated for several hours.
The media may be carefully lifted out and placed flat to store until refitting.
14. The media can be repainted using an approved high temperature paint, contact Glen Dimplex
for details
15. Undo pilot bracket screws, lift up gently.
16. Undo pilot gas pipe.
Keep burner in the flat position until insulation is restrained (Rotating the burner may cause
insulation to fall and be damaged.
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