32. Adjust aeration settings to correct settings as
per table on page 5.
Loosen aeration cap screw approx. ½ turn.
Rotate cap until the correct gap is achieved to
suit the gas type.
The required opening is required on each side
of the aeration cap.
33. Tighten aeration screws and injector
holding screw.
34. Refit injector assembly into aeration
35. Refit gas pipe and tighten nuts
36. Ensure injectors are straight and
aligned with the aeration port.
37. Refit gas manifold tube and tighten.
38. Refit burner insulation – soft blanket should
be sitting firmly down and sealing all around
the burner. No gaps around the blanket and
burner sides allowed.
39. Refit top insulation – Insulation to sit on top of
soft insulation in a flat profile, and finish
approximately even with the top of the burner
sides. Sit 12mm hard insulation back into
burner. Hard insulation should sit loosely onto
the top of soft insulation approximately level
with the burner. Where required adjust the
soft insulation to ensure sitting correctly.
TAKE CARE – where the burner has been
previously used the hard insulation is easily
Note - A ruler or similar can be used to
check the opening, a drill bit of the
designated size can also be inserted
to check the opening.
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