53. Check appliance for correct flame operation
Flame should be even along the entire burner length.
Flame colour should have some blue with yellow tipping.
Flame should not be excessively yellow or sooting on media. (Some minor buildup may occur
over long hours of use).
Note – appliance takes 15 – 20 minutes to achieve full colour.
Check flames are not smothered and causing poor flame travel.
Good flame colour:
Excessive color (high yellow / orange color and possible sooting on media) – aeration caps require
openings to be increased. Check openings as per media table.
Poor flame color (weak color – very blue flame) - aeration adjustment may requiring further
closing or tighting of aeration caps.
54. Remove manometer and tighten gas test point.
55. Check for gas leaks.
56. Turn appliance off
57. Refit door trim
58. Refit lower door trim angle.
59. Recheck operation.
60. Advise owner on correct operation of appliance.
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