This section is used to determine where your Balanced Flue termination will be located.
Flue terminations shall not be recessed in walls or sidings.
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: In heavy snow areas take extra care to prevent blocking
flue termination with snow removal equipment.
Flue gases exiting flue terminals are very hot and must not be restricted to assure fireplace
combustion is not affected.
Do not place, build any obstruction, plant any bushes or for any reason attempt to conceal
the flue termination. To do so will affect the operation of the fireplace and may be hazardous.
This unit must always vent directly to outdoors.
Flue runs 0m to 5m length (excluding 0-5m rooftop termination)
External wall mount outlet with integrated flue fan (XL model)
External wall mount terminal (Flue fan installed above appliance internally) (XL model)
Flue runs 0m to 5m length rooftop termination only
Vertical roof termination (S/Steel rooftop termination)
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