Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Control Valves Electric Actuated Type M 9
(6) Specification of valve
Nom. Size 15mm (1/2”) 25mm (1”) 50mm (2”) 80mm (3”) 100mm (4”)
Type Single seated control valve electric actuated ype
Type of connection Flange type JIS B 2238 (JIS10K)
Standard control
Minute control
Standard control type
Shut off pressure
(MPa{kgf/cm2}) 7
Flow characteristic Equal % or linear Equal %
Inherent range
Standard control
type 50:1
Minute control
type 50:1
The principle of the actuator action
The control plate of the actuator operates the motor when the operation signal and the signal from the sensor are given.
When the signal for closing the valve fully (the operation signal DC4mA) is input, the actuator pushes the seal spring even
after the valve is closed fully and stops at the seal pressure.
(7) Specification of actuator
List of Specifications
Adaptive Nominal Size (mm) 15mm (1/2”) 25mm (1”) 50mm (2”) 80mm (3”) 100mm (4”)
Actuator Type MSP-6 PSN1 PSN3
Opening and Closing Time (Sec.)
10 - 35 18 - 21 20 - 22 28 - 32
protection structure Outdoor water proof type (IP55)
Power Consumption
AC 100 - 120V Approx. 25VA Approx. 240VA
AC 200 - 240V Approx. 25VA Approx. 240VA
DC 24V±10% Approx. 0.6A Approx. 3A
Nominal diameter of cable connector G1/2 G1/2 x 2
By kind of motor insulation E kind
Motor rated time (min.) continuation
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