Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Control Valves Electric Actuated Type M 17
Manual operating procedure
Nominal size: 50, 80, 100mm (2”, 3”, 4”) only
Spanner wrench (8mm)
1) Attach the spanner wrench to the manual shaft of the actuator.
2) Turn the spanner wrench within the operating torque (1.8Nm).
(Do not turn the handle excessively to right or left while open/close positions. (It may damage the product)
Right turn (clockwise) Open direction
Left turn (counterclockwise) Close direction
3) Detach the spanner wrench from the manual shaft of the actuator.
Motor-driven operating procedure
- Do not leave the cover removed from the actuator.
(Coming into contact with a terminal in this state can give you an electric shock.)
- Check to ensure that the spanner is not applied to the end of the manual operation shaft.
(If not, the hexagon wrench will be flown by the rotation of the manual operation shaft, and this may
injure you)
1) If the spanner wrench is attached to the manual shaft of the actuator, detach it (only for PSN1, PSN3).
2) Turn on the power source.
3) Input the signal and check to ensure that the valve indicating direction and the operating direction agree with
each other.
4) Shut down the power source.
Necessary items
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