Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Control Valves Electric Actuated Type M 25
(17) Troubleshooting
Problem Cause Treatment
The valve does not operate by
motor-driven operations.
The power source of the control panel is
turned off. Turn on the power source.
The wiring is wrong.
Check the connection.
The cable is disconnected or a part of the
wiring has not done.
Fluid leaks from the valve to
the outside.
The O-ring is changed in quality or damaged. Check the material and replace it.
The PTFE bush is damaged. Replace the PTFE bush.
The valve does not seal
completely when it is closed
Foreign matter is in the valve. Remove the foreign matter.
The valve is not closed fully. Adjust the stroke.
The seat is changed in quality or damaged. Replace the seat.
(18) Handling of residual and waste materials
- Make sure to consult a waste treatment dealer for recommendations on the proper disposal of plastic valves.
(Poisonous gas is generated when the valve is burned improperly.)
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