Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Control Valves Electric Actuated Type M 3
(3) General instructions for transportation, unpacking and storage
- When suspending and supporting a valve, take care and do not stand under a suspended valve.
- This valve is not designed to handle impacts of any kind. Avoid throwing or dropping the valve.
- Avoid scratching the valve with any sharp object.
- Do not over-stack cardboard shipping boxes. Excessively stacked packages may collapse.
- Avoid contact with any coal tar creosote, insecticides, vermicides or paint.
(The force of swelling may damage the valve.)
- When transporting a valve, do not carry it by the handle.
- Store products in their corrugated cardboard boxes. Avoid exposing products to direct sunlight, and
store them indoors (at room temperature). Also avoid storing products in areas with excessive
temperatures. (Corrugated cardboard packages become weaker as they become wet with water or
other liquid. Take care in storage and handling.)
- After unpacking the products, check that they are defect-free and meet the specifications.
Other Remarks
Nominal Size: 15, 25mm (1/2”, 1”)
1) Wiring
As for AC100V, wiring up a cable for positioner and a cable for power supply in a pipe together and in case that the
cable for power supply is longer than 1.5m, which is the original size, it may not be operated properly because of the
induction. Use a shield wire for the cable of positioner or wire it up in another pipe to protect from induction.
As for DC24V, if the cable of power supply is longer, wire it up as the same procedure as above.
2) Rock Protective Circuit
The rock protective circuit stops supplying to the motor in 5 seconds when adjusted or overloaded due to foreign
Turn off the power supply or input signals 4mA and 20mA alternately to reset it.
When the rock stops repeatedly, overload can be considerable because of foreign matter in the valve for the reason.
Check the valve and remove the foreign matter.
3) Electric Limiter
An electric limiter is in the valve, which protect rocking when the input signal becomes 4mA or less, or 20mA or
more. Thus, the valve stops closing at the point, 3.8mA even when the input signal is decreased to 3.8mA or less
and stops opening at the point, 20.2mA even when the input signal is increased to 20.2mA or more.
4) Timer Function
DC motor is used in the actuator. When DC motor starts or stops, the current becomes 3~5 times as much as the
rated current. Thus, the motor, which opens and closes frequently, is heated and the brush becomes worn. The
timer function in the actuator gives the motor intervals (about 0.5~3 seconds which is changeable) between it stops
and starts again to prevent the motor from being heated.
5) Protective Fuse
The fuse function protects from the hunting and repeating the rock. The resistance value is 1-1.5Ω.
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