Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type 56, 75, 56D, 75D 16
Technical Data for Operation of Top Gear Type (RVA-03-UG/ RVA-04-UG)
Nominal Size Stem Torque Diameter of
Required Operating Force (N)
mm inch Nm Nm mm N N
400 16” 760 1300 250 190 326
450 18” 820 1500 315 98 178
500 20” 1150 1800 315 134 212
600 24” 1600 1900 315 190 224
Note: Data mentioned in the table above is reference only.
These data are measured in standard condition and it slightly differs depending on conditions.
Required Operating Force is the data by turning handle with both hands.
(10) Disassembly and assembly procedure for pats replacement
- Wear protective gloves and safety goggles as fluid remain in the valve even if the pipeline is empty.
(You may be injured.)
- When installing pipes and valves, ensure that they are not subjected to tension, compression,
bending, impact, or other excessive stress.
- Do not change or replace valve parts under line pressure.
Protective gloves Safety goggles Spanner wrench
Plate Thrust bearing Silicone grease
Screwdriver (-)
<< Disassembling The Valve >>
1) Drain fluid completely from the pipeline and leave the valve slightly
2) Loosen the connecting bolts and nuts with a spanner wrench.
3) Remove the valve from the pipeline.
4) To take off the gearbox [25], loosen the bolt (C) [28] and pull up the
5) Attach jack, thrust bearing, plate, and pipe to the valve, and thread the
jack into the stem [7].
6) Remove the stem [7] from the jack.
7) Remove the O-ring (C) [6].
8) Make the disc [2] fully open.
9) Pull out the both edges of seat [7] and remove the seat [3] and disc [2].
10) Take the disc [2] out of the seat [3].
11) Remove the O-ring (A) [4] and the O-ring (B) [5].
<< Disassembling The Handle of Gearbox[450-600mm (18”-24”)] >>
1) Extrude the spring pin which is connecting the shaft and steering wheel
by a tool.
2) Pull out the steering wheel of the shaft.
Necessary items
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