ASAHI AV VALVES Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valve Type 57, 56, 56D Electric Actuated Type S 16
- Each cover part is sealed with an O-ring. When laying wiring or in similar cases, where the cover is
removed and replaced, ensure that the O-ring is installed in the specified location and securely sealed.
(Insufficient sealing may cause the actuator to be penetrated by rainwater or other foreign matter,
resulting in electric shock or breakdown.)
- If you wish to use the product outdoors or in any other location exposed to rainwater or other forms of
moisture, protect the wiring conduit of the actuator against ingress of rainwater and all other wetness.
(Failure to take such a precaution may cause the actuator to be penetrated by rainwater or something
similar, resulting in electric shock or breakdown.)
- In the case of malodor, overheating, or smoking, turn off the power supply immediately. (Continued use
despite an abnormality present may result in a fire. If you detect any abnormalities, be sure to consult
the dealership where you bought the product or our service station nearest your premises and ask them
to perform an inspection.)
Allen wrench Spanner wrench Wire stripper
Crimp-style terminal Terminal crimping tool Connector
Screwdriver (+)
*Check supply voltage indicated on the actuator and make sure it is the same as the voltage applied, before completing the
wiring. (Wiring at different voltages will cause problems in the AV valve.)
1) Loosen the screws with an Allen wrench and remove the Terminal cover
(cover) from the actuator.
2) Remove the plug of cable entrance with a spanner wrench.
3) Draw a cable through the connector.
4) Strip the cable with a wire stripper.
5) Install a Crimp-style terminal on the lead wire with a terminal-crimping
6) Connect the terminal board with a screwdriver in accordance page 9, 10.
* Tighten the screws. (If not, electric leaks or shocks may occur.)
7) Tighten the connector. (If not, electric leaks or shocks may occur.)
Tighten above screws with a screwdriver to fix and install the Terminal
cover (cover) of the actuator.
8) Connect the earth wire to a good ground.
Necessary items
Actuator type: SRJ
Actuator type: LTRM, LTMD
Manual Handle
Cable Entrance Earth
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