ASAHI AV VALVES Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valve Type 57, 56, 56D Electric Actuated Type S 17
(10) Operating procedure
- Do not touch any parts on actuator circuit board or terminal block or connect or disconnect wires while
the actuator is energized. (Any such practice may result in an electric shock or equipment damage.)
- Keep hands and other extremities away from moving parts under all circumstances.
(Any such practice may get your hand, arm, or other part of your body caught.)
- Do not operate the manual override while the actuator is energized.
- Be sure to establish a ground. (A defective ground may result in an electrical shock, fire, or other incident.)
- At the time of adjustment or inspection, ensure that your hands are free of water and oil.
(Any such substance on your hands may result in an electric shock or equipment damage.)
- Do not connect two or more motor-driven valves in series. Also, install a switch (or a relay contact)
for each motor-driven valve.
- Do not use the product near a high-voltage wire, inverter or other equipment that produces electrical
noise or magnetism. (The presence of such nearby may cause malfunction or breakdown.)
- Check the integrity of wiring insulation before connecting to the actuator.
(Failure to observe this precaution may result in wire damage.)
- Ensure all covers are tightly fastened prior to operation.
(Insufficient fastening may allow rainwater, dust, or dirt to come in, resulting in breakdown.)
- When connecting wires, be sure to observe the connection diagram and make the connections correctly.
Moreover, after wiring, ensure that the connections are securely made before turning on the power.
(Failure to take this precaution may cause malfunction or breakdown.)
- Each cover part is sealed with an O-ring. When laying wiring or in similar cases, where the cover is
removed and replaced, ensure that the O-ring is installed in the specified location and securely sealed.
(Insufficient sealing may cause the actuator to be penetrated by rainwater or other foreign matter,
resulting in electric shock or breakdown.)
- If you wish to use the product outdoors or in any other location exposed to rainwater or other forms of
moisture, protect the wiring conduit of the actuator against ingress of rainwater and all other wetness.
(Failure to take such a precaution may cause the actuator to be penetrated by rainwater or something
similar, resulting in electric shock or breakdown.)
- In the case of malodor, overheating, or smoking, turn off the power supply immediately. (Continued use
despite an abnormality present may result in a fire. If you detect any abnormalities, be sure to consult
the dealership where you bought the product or our service station nearest your premises and ask them
to perform an inspection.)
Manual Operating Procedure
- Do not turn the handle forcibly at the right and left full operating positions. (If not, a trouble will develop.)
- Turn off the power source.
(If the power source is turned on during the manual operation, you may be injured.)
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