ASAHI AV VALVES Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valve Type 57, 56, 56D Electric Actuated Type S 23
Procedure (Actuator type: LTRM, LTMD, LTRH)
1) Turn off the power source, and completely discharge fluid from
pipes, then loosen screws with a spanner wrench, and remove the
cover of the actuator.
2) Manually operate (refer to page 17) the valve at the valve travel
(open or shut) adjusted with a spanner wrench.
3) Insert the specialized handle into the clutch shaft, and push to turn
30°so that the clutch stem can be.
* If the item 4) took place without the item 3), the limit switch may
be damaged.
4) Choose the switch “O” for the full opened position or “S” for the full
closed position.
5) Insert the specialized handle into the nearest reduction adjusting
shaft [3], and turn the reduction stem to the direction turned as less
as possible, then find a turning point from [N] to [A].
6) In the state that the arrow indicates [N], turn from [N] to [A], and
take out the handle.
7) Insert the specialized handle into the clutch stem, turn the handle and
set the clutch stem back to the original position.
8) Check whether the limit switch follows the valve operation properly
by manual operation. (Refer to page17)
9) Tighten the screws of the actuator cover with a spanner wrench.
10) Fully close the valve by motor-driven operation, and check to ensure
that the travel indicator show the full closed position [O].
*When the travel indicator shows incorrect position, loosen and
remove the cover of the actuator with a spanner wrench. Remove
the switch cover and take the indicator out and push it back in to
show the [O].
There are four states of limit switch as
above. The switch works when the arrow
moves [N] to [A].
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