Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A058-E-12󲷈 Diaphragm Valve, True Union Diaphragm Valve (15-50mm, 1/2”-2”) Pneumatic Actuated Type AI
(10) Air piping procedure
<1> For a standard type and an attached speed controller type
- Don’t forget to remove flash in the screw part of the joint. (A crack and air leakage may be caused.)
- Don’t remove the protective plug up until piping.
(The intrusion of contaminants and water may cause the malfunction of the actuator.)
- Use compressed air as operating fluid. Don’t use oil pressure and water pressure.
(Actuator may be damaged.)
- Use clean, filtered compressed air. (Actuator may not work normally.)
- When a steel pipe is used for piping, use the pipe the inside of which is treated to be rust preventive.
(The intrusion of rust into the actuator the electromagnetic valve may cause a malfunction.)
- Clean the pipe by flashing before piping to prevent the malfunction of the actuator.
Spanner wrench Sealing tape
Steel pipe or tube for piping Joint for steel pipe or tube
1) Wind a seal tape onto the male screw of the joint with
a blank about 3mm (about 2 threads) left at the end.
2) Screw the joint in the piping female screw of the
actuator by hand fully.
3) Screw the joint one turn with a spanner wrench.
* Avoid excessive tightening.
(The valve can be damaged.)
4) Mount a steel pipe or a tube.
Necessary items
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