Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A058-E-12󲷈 Diaphragm Valve, True Union Diaphragm Valve (15-50mm, 1/2”-2”) Pneumatic Actuated Type AI
<Fully open adjustment method (fully open adjustment mechanism is optional)>
Spanner wrench (16 mm and 19mm) Driver (Flat head screw)
Protective Gloves Goggles
1) Remove the adapter [83] with driver.
* Don’t damage the O-ring [14].
2) Completely open the valve by controlling the volume of air.
3) Fix the stopper [51] with spanner wrench, and use spanner wrench to loosen the nut [52].
4) Remove the nut [52].
5) Fix the fitting for travel stop [57] with spanner wrench (16 mm), and use spanner wrench (19 mm) to loosen the nut
6) The Fitting for travel stop [57] into requires position.
7) Attach the Fitting for travel stop [57] with a spanner wrench (16 mm), and use a spanner wrench (19 mm) to tighten
the nut [58].
* The nut may loosen if insufficiently tightened.
8) Adjust the stopper [51]. (See page 22, 5)-10))
9) Install the adapter [83].
Necessary items
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