Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type 75, 75D Pneumatic Actuated Type TW 9
- Care must be used during piping installation to ensure that the pipes or flanges are properly aligned so that
the valve disc does not contact them in any setting. Misalignment as in Figure below will result in
damage to the valve.
In the case of thick of the connection part (flange and pipe) is too thick shave the flange or the pipe inside order to avoid the
contact of pipe and disk. If inside diameter of the connection part is larger than size D, shaving is not necessity.
Torque wrench Bolt, Nut, Washer (For many flanges specification)
Spanner wrench
1) Leave the valve slightly opened by spanner wrench.
* Don’t turn the disc beyond the seat.
(Otherwise, the disc may be damaged.)
2) Set the valve between the coupled flange.
3) Insert washers and bolts from the pipe side, insert washers and nuts
from the valve side, then temporarily tighten them by hand.
4) Using a torque wrench, tighten the bolts and nuts gradually to the
specified torque in a diagonal manner. (Refer to fig.1.)
* Avoid excessive tightening. (The valve can be damaged.)
- Tighten the bolts and nuts gradually with a torque wrench to the specified
torque level in a diagonal manner.
Recommended torque value Unit Nmkgfcm󲽚[lbinch]
Nom. Size 450mm (18”) 500, 600mm (20”, 24”)
Torque value
Unit: mm (inch)
Nominal size Diameter D
450 (18”) 422 (16.61”)
500 (20”) 472 (18.58”)
600 (24”) 572 (22.52”)
Necessary items
Interference of the Disc
Fig. 1
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