Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type 75, 75D Pneumatic Actuated Type TW 16
(16) Operating procedure
Manual Operating Procedure
* Don’t supply air during manual operation. (Injury may occur.)
Don’t remove the indicator. (A trouble may develop.)
Only for the actuator which is the manual operation with groove.
* In case of solenoid valve mounted, open the bypass valve to make atmospheric pressure in the actuator.
1) Open the padlock and release the chain.
2) Turn the handle full open or full close.
Right turn (clock wise) Shut direction
Left turn (counter clock wise) Open direction
* Do not turn the lever handle (option) or spanner wrench forcibly
at the right and left full operating positions.
(A trouble will develop.)
There are about thirteen idle turns between full open and full close.
3) Turn the handle to adjust the nut to “AUTO” of the indicator.
4) Lead the chain through the handle and the gear case and tighten up
with the pad lock.
* In case of solenoid valve mounted, turn the bypass valve right.
(If not, the air leaks.)
Necessary items
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