Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type 75, 75D Pneumatic Actuated Type TW 7
(8) Specifications of limit switch (Option)
Actuation Nom. size Type sign Protection grade Type of limit switch
Double actuation Type 450-600mm
(18”-24”) IP67 1LS1-J
(made by Yamatake)
Limit switch rating Connection diagram
Rate voltage
resistive load
Inductive load
AC125 10 6
AC250 10 6
DC125 0.8 0.2
DC250 0.4 0.1
(9) Specification of pressure reducing valve with filter (Option)
Actuation Nominal
size(mm) Type sign Pipe bore Element degree
Of filteration
Double actuation Type 450-600mm
(18”-24”) ARU3A-03-10A Rc 3/8 40μm
JIS sign
(At intermediate opening)
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