Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type 75, 75D Pneumatic Actuated Type TW 8
Specification of speed controller (Option)
Actuation Nom. size(mm) Type sign Pipe bore
Effective cross section area
(mm2) Needle No. of
Free flow Control flow
Double actuation
A Rc 3/8 38 32 20turns
(11) Installation procedure
- When suspending and supporting a valve, take care and do not stand under a suspended valve.
- Be sure to conduct a safety check on all hand and power tools to be used before beginning work.
- Wear protective gloves and safety goggles as fluid remain in the valve even if the pipeline is empty.
(You may be injured.)
- When installing a pipe support by means of a U-band or something similar, take care not to over-tighten.
(Excessive force may damage the pipe.)
- When installing pipes and valves, ensure that they are not subjected to tension, compression, bending,
impact, or other excessive stress.
- Use flat faced flanges for connection to AV Valves.
- Ensure that the mating flanges are of the same standards.
- The gasket is unnecessary. (The seat carries out the role of the gasket.)
- The valve disc is in the position indicated by solid
lines in figure to the right prior to shipment from
the factory. If the valve is opened or closed after
unpacking, it must be reset in this position before
installation. Failure to do so will result in damage
to the surface of the valve seat during handling and
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