Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual
H-V016-E-12 Gauge Valve 2
2. General operating instructions
- Using a positive-pressure gas with our plastic piping may pose a dangerous condition due to
the repellent force particular to compressible fluids even when the gas is under similar
pressures used for liquids. Therefore, be sure to take the necessary safety precautions such
as covering the piping with protective material. For inquiries, please contact us. For conducting
a leak test on newly installed piping, be sure to check for leaks under water pressure. If
absolutely necessary to use a gas in testing, please consult your nearest service station
- Do not step on or apply excessive weight on valve. (It can be damaged.)
- Keep the valve away from excessive heat or fire. (It can be damaged, or destroyed.)
- Always operate the valve within the pressure vs. temperature range. (The valve can be damaged
or deformed by operating beyond the allowable range.)
- Allow sufficient space for maintenance and inspection.
- 󲘀elect a valve material that is compatible with the media. For chemical resistance information,
refer to CHEMICAL RE󲘀I󲘀TANCE ON A󲘀AHI AV VALVE.(󲘀ome chemicals may damage
incompatible valve materials.)
- Do not use the valve in conditions where the fluid may have crystallized. (The valve will not
operate properly.)
- Keep the valve out of direct sunlight, water and dust. Use cover to shield the valve.(The valve
will not operate properly.)
- Perform periodic maintenance. (Leakage may develop due to temperature changes or over
periods of prolonged storage, rest or operation.)
3. General instructions for transportation, unpacking and storage
- When suspending and supporting a valve, take care and do not stand under a suspended valve.
- This valve is not designed to handle impacts of any kind. Avoid throwing or dropping the valve.
- Avoid scratching the valve with any sharp object.
- Do not over-stack cardboard shipping boxes. Excessively stacked packages may collapse.
- Avoid contact with any coal tar creosote, insecticides, vermicides or paint. (These chemicals
may cause damage to the valve.)
- When transporting a valve, do not carry it by the handle.
- 󲘀tore products in their corrugated cardboard boxes. Avoid exposing products to direct sunlight,
and store them indoors (at room temperature). Also avoid storing products in areas with
excessive temperatures. (Corrugated cardboard packages become weaker as they become wet
with water or other liquid. Take care in storage and handling.)
- After unpacking the products, check that they are defect-free and meet the specifications.
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