Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual
H-V016-E-12 Gauge Valve 6
Gauge pipe part
1) Loosen and remove the gland nut by hand, remove the gland and O-ring (A) from body.
2) 󲘀et the gland nut, gland, and O-ring (A) through the glass pipe to let through in advance.
3) Insert the glass pipe into the body, tighten the gland nut by hand and fix the gauge pipe.
Nominal size Outside diameter
20mm (3/4󲤀) 18mm (0.709 inch)
25mm (1󲤀) 26mm (1.024 inch)
7. Operating Procedure
- Do not open/close the valve when foreign matters such as dust are included in fluid.
- Foreign matters such as sand may be left inside the pipeline after the installation of the valve.
Therefore, clean inside the pipe before opening/closing the valve.
- Do not exert excessive force in open/close the valve. (The hand wheel can be damaged.)
- When operating the hand wheel, be sure to do so with your hand. (Using a tool may damage the
hand wheel.)
1)Turn the hand wheel to open and close. Turning it clockwise will close it, turning it counter-clockwise
will open it.
2) Check the open and close state. When the valve shuts, operation torque of the valve is high.
Gauge pipe outside diameter
Gauge pipe
Gland nut
O-ring (A)
Gauge pipe insert completed drawing
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