Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual
H-V016-E-12 Gauge Valve 8
10. Troubleshooting
Problem Cause Treatment
Fluid leaks from the
body and the bonnet.
The bonnet is loose. Retighten the bonnet.
Media has crystallized. Disassemble and cleaning.
Fluid leaks from the
valve even when the
valve is closed fully.
󲘀olid particles have lodged. Disassemble and cleaning.
Valve body weir or diaphragm is
scratched. Replace the parts.
Fluid leaks from the
gland nut and the
gauge pipe.
Grand nut is loosen. Retighten the gland nut.
󲘀olid parti cles have lodged. Disassemble and cleaning.
O-ring is worn or damaged. Replace the O-ring.
Gauge pipe is damaged. Replace the gauge pipe.
Fluid leaks from stem
part. Diaphragm is breaks or worn. Replace the diaphragm.
11. Handling of residual and waste materials
- Make sure to consult a waste treatment dealer for recommendations on the proper disposal of
plastic valves. (Poisonous gas is generated when the valve is burned improperly.)
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