Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A069-E󲷈 Ball Valve Type2121α Pneumatic Actuated Type AR 15-50mm (1/2”-2”) 9
12. Installation procedure
- When suspending and supporting a valve, take care and do not stand under a suspended
- Be sure to conduct a safety check on all hand and power tools to be used before
beginning work.
- When conducting piping work, wear personal protective equipment appropriate to the
contents of work. (Failure to do so may cause an injury.)
- Take care not to over-tighten the Union nut. (The valve can be damaged.)
- Do not use the pipe wrench. (The valve can be damaged.)
- When installing pipes and valves, ensure that they are not subjected to tension,
compression, bending, impact, or other excessive stress.
- When installing a piece of equipment at the end of the piping line, be sure to keep the
secondary (Downstream) End Connector and Union nut installed on the valve.
- When installing Ball Valve, 15 to 50 mm (1/2" to
2") at the end, note the direction of flow.
Find the mark molded on the Carrier-side body.
On the secondary (Downstream) side, the Carrier
is integral with the valve body.
This is the preferred method if installation when
installing the equipment at the end of the line for
safety purposes.
- When loosening the Union nut on the Carrier side,
fix the End connector (hold it with your hand) and
do work.(If the End connector turns, the Carrier
will turn together, resulting in the Carrier and Ball
separating from the body.)
- If the Carrier is loosened, retighten the Carrier.
- When installing, disassembling, or reassembling the piping, fix the End connector.
- Before a water test, be sure that the Union nut is tightly fastened.
- Fasten the Union nut while avoiding the parallelism and axial misalignment of the flange
- When connecting a ASAHI AV Valve to metal piping, take care not to let the pipe stress on
the ASAHI AV Valve.
- When screwing in a Metal Insert (Ensat), install it vertically. Refer to the User's Manual for
Metal Insert (Ensat) by the maker.
Union nut
(Carrier side)
End connecto
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