Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A069-E󲷈 Ball Valve Type2121α Pneumatic Actuated Type AR 15-50mm (1/2”-2”) 11
Threaded End
- Avoid excessive tightening. (The valve can be damaged.)
- The Union nut of this product is fastened lightly so that it can be loosened easily. Be sure
to remove the end connector before carrying out the work. (Failure to so may cause
external leakage.)
- Make sure that the threaded connections are plastic x plastic. (Metallic thread can cause
- Wrap the threaded joints on our plastic piping with sealing tape. Using a liquid sealing
agent or liquid gasket may cause stress cracks (Environmental Stress Cracking). Our
product warranty shall not apply in case of said use, even when said use is unavoidable.
Sealing tape Strap wrench Spanner wrench or Motor wrench
1) Wind a sealing tape around the external thread of joint,
leaving the end (about 3mm) free.
2) Loosen the Union nut with a strap wrench.
3) Remove the Union nut and the end connector.
4) Tighten the external thread of the joint and the end
connector hardly with hand.
5) Using a spanner wrench or motor wrench, screw in the
end connector by turning 180° -360° carefully without
damaging it.
6) Make sure that the O-ring (A) is mounted.
7) Set the End connector directly on the body without
allowing the O-ring (A) to come off.
8) Tighten Union nut on each valve until hand tight.
9) Using a strap wrench tighten Union nuts uniformly on
each side approx. 90°- 180°turns, 1/4 to 1/2 turns.
Necessary items
O-ring (A)
Sealing tape
Union nut
Fitting joint
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