Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A069-E󲷈 Ball Valve Type2121α Pneumatic Actuated Type AR 15-50mm (1/2”-2”) 17
15. Connection of limit switch procedure
- Shut down the power on the equipment before connecting or disconnecting wires. (There
are risks of electrical shock depending or machine start suddenly.)
- Be sure that the terminal cover and body cover are put on during the operation.
- Firmly tighten the cover. (Rainwater etc. will invade and cause breakdown.)
Phillips head screw driver Flathead screw driver Wire stripper
Connector (G1/2)
1) Loosen the four screws used to attach the limit switch cover with a Phillips head screwdriver and
remove cover from the limit switch. (The screw is made so that it will not detach from the cover.)
2) Remove a protective cover made of resin.
3) Draw a cable through the connector.
4) Strip cable with a wire stripper.
5) Connect terminal screw with a flat head screwdriver according to the internal circuit diagram
shown in Specifications of limit switch.
- Tighten the screws. (If not, electric leaks or shocks may occur.)
6) Tighten the above four screws with a Phillips head screwdriver to install cover on the limit
7) Tighten the cable by connector.
Necessary items
Screw of the limit
switch cove
Limit switch cover
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