Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A069-E󲷈 Ball Valve Type2121α Pneumatic Actuated Type AR 15-50mm (1/2”-2”) 20
2) Manual operation procedure (double acting only)
- Don’t supply air during manual operation. (When air is supplied during the manual
operation, you may be injured.)
- Do not forcibly rotate the spanner from the fully open or fully closed position. (It breaks
Spanner wrench
1) Close main valve for air and turn off the solenoid valve.
2) Turn the bypass valve knob counterclockwise, discharge air
from the actuator.
3) Check the direction (full open or full shut) of the indicator
before manual operation, and then pull the indicator attached
to the output shaft on the top of the actuator to remove it.
4) Fit the wrench to the output shaft on the top of the actuator,
and handle the wrench while checking the direction of the
output shaft. (When the width across flat of the output shaft is
parallel to the piping direction, open state.)
5) Return it to the state before the manual operation is
performed (full open or full shut), and remove the wrench
from the output shaft on the top of the actuator.
6) Fit the indicator to the output shaft on the top.
7) Turn the knob of the bypass valve in the clockwise direction
to close the bypass valve.
8) Open the master valve for operation air to supply air to the
solenoid valve.
Necessary items
Full open Full shut
Bypass valve knob
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