Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A069-E󲷈 Ball Valve Type2121α Pneumatic Actuated Type AR 15-50mm (1/2”-2”) 3
3. General instructions for transportation, unpacking and storage
- When suspending and supporting a valve, take care and do not stand under a suspended
- This valve is not designed to handle impacts of any kind. Avoid throwing or dropping the
- Avoid scratching the valve with any sharp object.
- Do not over-stack cardboard shipping boxes. Excessively stacked packages may
- Avoid contact with any coal tar creosote, insecticides, vermicides or paint.
(These chemicals may cause damage to the valve.)
- Store products in their corrugated cardboard boxes. Avoid exposing products to direct
sunlight, and store them indoors (at room temperature). Also avoid storing products in
areas with excessive temperatures. (Corrugated cardboard packages become weaker as
they become wet with water or other liquid. Take care in storage and handling.)
- After unpacking the products, check that they are defect-free and meet the specifications.
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