ASAHI AV VALVES Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual
PDCPD Butterfly Valves 700-1200mm (28”-48”) 9
3) Lower the valve gradually between the short pipes onto the spacer.
Lower the valve carefully without damaging the flange surfaces
of short pipes
The required face to face dimension of each valve size is shown
Make sure that the valve is slightly closed.
Nominal Size mm (inch) Dimension mm (inch)
700 (28”) 206 (8.11”)
800 (32”) 240 (9.45”)
900 (36”) 240 (9.45”)
1000 (40”) 300 (11.81”)
1100 (44”) 300 (11.81”)
1200 (48”) 350 (13.78”)
4) Connect the valve loosely to one of the short pipes.
Match the bolt hole of the short pipe with that of the valve, and
put four stud bolts into the inserted metal parts (part 1a), then
tighten nuts lightly by hand.
5) Set the second short pipe with the valve.
Using the nylon sling, loop the short pipe and tighten nuts using
the same procedure as step 4).
6) Put the bolts through the full bolt holes and plumb in.
Move the pipe gradually to match holes one another, and set nuts.
*Tighten the bolt-nuts of the valve and the flange in the full bolt
holes at first, and then tighten the bolt-nuts on the inserted metal
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