ASAHI AV VALVES Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual
PDCPD Butterfly Valves 700-1200mm (28”-48”) 12
(8) Operating procedure
- Do not use the valve to fluid containing slurry. (The valve will not operate properly.)
- The installed valve must never be opened or closed when foreign matter such as sand is present in
the pipeline.
- Do not exert excessive force in closing the valve.
- When operating the handle, be sure to do so with your hand. (Using a tool may damage the handle.)
Turn the handle gently to open or close.
Check the travel indicator on the top of the gearbox, and turn the handle.
Right turn (Clockwise) Shut direction
Left turn (Counter clockwise) Open direction
(9) General instructions for fluid flowing
1) Make sure that any foreign matter is not in the pipe, which may damage the valve seat before fluid flowing.
Open the valve fully when the fluid starts flowing.
2) Although the sealing adjustment of disc is already adjusted, if the valve leaks during operation, loosen the stopper bolt
in the actuator and find the volume of tightening.
(10) Inspection items
- Perform periodic maintenance. (Leakage may develop due to temperature changes or over periods of
prolonged storage, rest or operation.)
Inspect the follow items;
(1) Check for any flaw, crack, or deformation on the outside.
(2) Check whether fluid leaks to the outside.
(3) Check whether there are protrusions or retirement of seat.
(4) Check the smoothness of handle operation.
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