ASAHI AV VALVES Installation,Operation and Maintenance Manual
PDCPD Butterfly Valves 700-1200mm (28”-48”) 8
In case of an abutting thick walled flange and pipe, shave the flange or the pipe inner diameter in order to avoid contact of
pipe and disc. If the inside diameter of the connecting pipe is larger than dimension D below, shaving is not necessary.
1) Set the short pipes.
Set the short pipes with suitable stands so that the center of the
valve in the upright position aligns with that of the short pipe.
Using a cloth, wipe foreign matter away from the flange surfaces
of the short pipes.
2) Stand the valve upright.
Wind the nylon sling around the head part of the body and gradually raise it up. After standing the valve upright, wipe
foreign matter away from the seat with a cloth.
- Support the valve up by looping a belt around the
gearbox like Fig 2. The eyebolt in the gearbox is
designed to support the weight of gearbox (about
500kg), so avoid lifting up the whole valve with the
eyebolt. Use it just as a support to stand the valve
Nominal Size
mm (inch)
Diameter D
mm (inch)
700 (28”) 649 (25.55”)
800 (32”) 743 (29.25”)
900 (36”) 848 (33.39”)
1000 (40”) 936 (36.85”)
1100 (44”) 1054 (41.50”)
1200 (48”) 1136 (44.72”)
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