Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type 75, 75D Electric Actuated Type S 13
Manual Operating Procedure
- Turn off the power source.
(If the power source is turned on during the manual operation, you may be injured.)
1) Push the change lever toward the manual operating position.
In case that the position can not be changed smoothly, push the
change lever while turning the manual handle right or left.
*Do not turn the handle forcibly at the right and left full
operating positions.
(If not, a trouble will develop.)
2) Turn the manual handle while watching the valve travel
Right turn (clock wise) Shut direction
Left turn (counter clock wise) Open direction
3) <Actuator type: LTRM, LTMD>
Turn on the power source and set the external switch to “Open” or “Shut”. (The change lever will return to the motor
driven operating position automatically.)
- Do not turn the change lever to the motor driven operating position. (The actuator may be damaged.)
<Actuator type: LTRH>
Push the change lever back to the motor driven operating position.
Motor-Driven Operating Procedure
- Do not leave the terminal board cover and the limit switch cover as they are removed from the actuator.
(Coming into contact with a terminal in this state can give you an electric shock.)
1) Turn on the power source.
2) Set the external switch to “Open” or “Close”, and check to ensure that
the valve indicating direction and the operating direction accord with
each other. (If not, check the wiring diaphragm, refer to page 7, and
operate from the item 1).
3) Turn off the power source in the state of the full open or close.
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