Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type 75, 75D Electric Actuated Type S 15
8) Attach jack, thrust bearing, plate, and pipe to the valve, and thrust the
jack into the stem [7].
9) Turn the handle of jack to pull out the stem [7].
10) Remove the O-ring (C) [6].
11) Make the disc [2] fully open.
12) Pull the both edges of the seat [3], and shake the seat [3] and disc [2] to
remove gradually.
13) Remove the O-ring (A) [4] and the O-ring (B) [5].
1) Before starting assembly, silicone grease (equivalent to Toray
Silicone HVG) should be spread on the disc O-ring [4] [5] and stem
O-ring [6].
2) The procedure of the assembly is the almost reverse of its
However, to insert seat [3] with the disc [2] into the body [1], set the
disc [2] with half-opened position. Press outer rim of seat [3] into
inside of the body [1], keeping stem holes straight. (Make sure
that stem holes of the seat [3] are in alignment with the stem holes
of the body [1].)
3) Make sure that the disc [2] fits seat [3] well.
4) Check to ensure that travel indicator shows correct position of fully
open or close.
5) Fully open or close the valve by motor-driven operation.
(Refer to page12)
* In case that the travel indicator shows incorrect position of, turn off
the power source and remove the cover of the actuator with a
spanner wrench, then adjust the travel indicator.
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