Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type 75, 75D Electric Actuated Type S 17
10) Fully close the valve by motor-driven operation, and check to ensure
that the travel indicator show the full closed position [O].
*When the travel indicator shows incorrect position, loosen and
remove the cover of the actuator with a spanner wrench.
Remove the switch cover and take the indicator out and push it
back in to show the [O].
(13) Inspection items
- Perform periodic maintenance. (Leakage may develop due to temperature changes or over periods of
prolonged storage, rest or operation.)
Portion to be inspected Inspection item
- Existence of rust, peeling of paint, and dirt of inspection hole of valve travel indicator.
- Tightening condition of respective threaded portions. (Loose or not)
- The insulation resistance must be 100 MΩ or more.
- Existence of rust and corrosion around the limit switch, and existence of internal
- Existence of rust and corrosion of terminal board, and existence of disconnection.
- Existence of abnormality in opening and closing operating sounds.
- Smooth operation of manual handle.
- The condition of the gear grease.
It is unnecessary to supply oil to this actuator, because molybdenum disulfide
(MoS2) is used as a lubricant in the actuator.
Va l v e
- Existence of scratches, cracks, deformation, and discoloring.
- Existence of leakage from the valve to the outside.
- Existence of leakage when the valve is closed fully at right or left.
There are four states of limit switch as
above. The switch works when the arrow
moves [N] to [A].
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