Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valve Type 55Type 55IS Pneumatic Actuated Type TA
(15) Connection of solenoid valve procedure
- Go after you surely interrupt a power supply when you do the installation of the terminal base line
is combined.
- Solenoid valve- A speed controller adjusts and fasten a lock nut by open ended spanners.
Terminal crimping tool Screw driver (+)
Connector (G1/2) Wire stripper
1) Loosen the hexagon socket head cap screws, and remove
the cover.
Don’t loose O ring.
(If not, electric leaks or shocks may occur.)
2) Remove the Faston terminal inserted into coil side and the
insulating sleeve.
Insulating sleeve isn’t attached in Faston terminal.
3) Draw the cable through the connector to the cover.
4) Strip the cable with wire stripper.
5) Draw the lead wire through the cover.
6) Install the Faston terminal on the lead wire with a terminal-
crimping tool.
7) Insert the Faston terminal into the coil side. And fit the
8) Tighten the cover setting screws to fix it.
(The cover can be set with the wire extraction opening
turned upward or downward. (fig.1))
9) Tighten the cable by connector.
Necessary items
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