Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valve Type 55Type 55IS Pneumatic Actuated Type TA
Adjustment of opening / closing speed procedure
Double action type
- Solenoid valve-A speed controller adjusts and fasten a lock nut by open ended spanners.
Spanner Wrench
1) Release the adjustment knob of the solenoid valve by turning
the locking nut left with a spanner, holding the two adjustment
knobs (open side and close side) of the speed controller with
2) Turn right the adjustment knob of the solenoid valve fully.
Avoid excessive tightening.
(The speed controller can be damaged.)
3) Supply the air to the solenoid valve
4) Apply regular rated voltage to solenoid valve, and turn the
open side adjustment knob of the speed controller left little by
5) Turn off the solenoid valve, and turn left the close side
adjustment knob little by little.
6) Repeat item 4), 5) to adjust the opening / closing speed
7) When the adjustment is finished, fix the adjustment knob by
turning locking nuts right with a spanner, holding the
adjustment knobs with fingers.
Avoid excessive tightening.
(The locking nut can be damaged.)
Necessary items
For Double action type with solenoid valve
For Double action type with speed controller
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