Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valve Type 55Type 55IS Pneumatic Actuated Type TA
(17) Disassembly and assembly procedure
- Wear protective gloves and safety goggles as fluid remain in the valve even if the pipeline is empty.
(You may be injured.)
- When installing a valve, the AV gasket is basically unnecessary. But using a gasket gives more stable
sealing ability in case of using a plastic flange, where easy occurrence of dent, mark or distortion can
be expected.
- When installing pipes and valves, ensure that they are not subjected to tension, compression, bending,
impact, or other excessive stress.
- Do not change or replace valve parts under line pressure.
Spanner wrench Allen wrench Plastic hammer
Screwdriver (-) Protective gloves Safety goggles
Spanner or lever handle for TA type (option) AV gasket (If necessary)
1) Completely discharge fluid from pipes.
2) Fully close the valve by the motor-driven operation or manual operation.
3) Shut the main air valve, and open the bypass valve to exhaust the air in
4) Leave the valve slightly opened with a spanner or a lever handle (option).
5) Loosen and remove the connection bolt-nut.
6) Remove the valve from the pipe.
7) Loosen the screw [22b].
8) Loosen the bolt-nut [24] and remove the body [1], the actuator [20], and
the stand [21].
The stand [21] is fixed to the actuator [20].
1) The procedure of the assembly is the almost reverse of its
2) Check to ensure that travel indicator shows correct position of fully
open or close.
3) Fully open or close the valve by air operation.
(Refer to page19)
In case that the travel indicator shows incorrect position of fully
open or close, adjust it according to page 23.
Necessary items
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