Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A003-E-15󲷈 Ball Valve Type 2121α Pneumatic Actuated Type AA 18
<2> For a pressure reducing valve with a solenoid valve and a pressure reducing valve with a filter.
- Do not remove a dust-proof cap provided to piping port before piping work starts.
- Avoid excessive tightening. (The threaded area of a pipe can be damaged.)
- Do not apply a sealant excessively lest it fall off in the pipeline when an actuator is piped.
- Steel pipes must always be of the plated.
- Before installing an actuator in pipeline, flash the inside of pipeline completely.
- Threaded area of a pipe must be free from the sharp edges and burr.
- Avoid excessive tightening. (The threaded area of a pipe can be damaged.)
- Solenoid valve-A speed controller adjusts and fasten a lock nut by open ended spanners.
- Open the drain periodically in order to exhaust the deposit.
- The equipment must be used at a pressure below the maximum operating pressure specified for
the product.
Spanner wrench Seal tape
Steel pipe or tube for piping Joint for steel pipe or tube
1) Wind a seal tape onto the male screw of the
joint with a blank about 3mm (about 2 threads)
left at the end.
2) Screw the joint in the piping female screw of the
actuator by hand fully.
3) Screw the joint one turn with a spanner wrench.
*Avoid excessive tightening.
(The valve can be damaged.)
4) Mount a steel pipe or a tube.
(Fig.2) Solenoid valve
(Fig.3) Solenoid valve, Pressure reducing valve with filter
Necessary items
Air supply bore
Air supply bore
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