Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
󲷇H-A003-E-15󲷈 Ball Valve Type 2121α Pneumatic Actuated Type AA 19
(15) Connection of limit switch procedure
- Shut down the power on the equipment before connecting wires. There are risks of electrical shock
depending on the level of operating voltage.
- Be sure that the cover are put on during the operation.
- Connect the cables by using insulated sheathed crimping terminals in such a way as not to contact the
cover or housing. (Contact of a crimping terminal with the cover may disable the cover from being
closed or may cause a ground fault.)
- If you use the limit switch at 1mA-100mA or 5-30V, consult near Asahi dealer.
- Be sure that the terminal cover and body cover are put on during the operation.
Screw driver (+) Crimp-style terminal Terminal crimping tool
connector (G1/2) Wire stripper
1) Loosen three screws used to attach the limit switch cover
with a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the cover from
limit switch.
(The screw is made so that it will not detach from the cover.)
2) Pull and remove protective cap, made of resin, from the cover.
3) Draw a cable through the connector.
4) Strip cable with wire stripper.
5) Install a crimp-style terminal on the lead wire with a terminal
crimping tool.
6) Connect terminal screw with a Phillips head screwdriver
according to the internal circuit diagram shown in page8.
* Tighten up the screw.
(If not, electric leaks or shocks may occur.)
7) Tighten the above three screws with a Phillips head
screwdriver to install cover on the limit switch.
Necessary items
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