Upgrade Notes
Release Notes 13
lConfigure FTP-proxy, HTTP-proxy, HTTPS-proxy policies
lConfigure DNS and Outgoing packet-filter policies
lEnable licensed security services — Application Control, Gateway AntiVirus, WebBlocker, Intrusion
Prevention Service, Reputation Enabled Defense, Botnet Detection, Geolocation, APT Blocker
lRecommend WebBlocker categories to block
The default policies and services that the setup wizards configure depend on the version of Fireware
installed on the Firebox, and on whether the Firebox feature key includes a license for subscription
services. If your new Firebox was manufactured with Fireware v11.11.x or lower, the setup wizards do
not enable subscription services, even if they are licensed in the feature key. To enable the security
services and proxy policies with recommended settings, upgrade the Firebox to Fireware v11.12 or
higher, reset it to factory-default settings, and then run the setup wizard again.
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