Release Notes 19
Downgrade from WSM v11.12.1 to WSM v11.x
If you want to revert from v11.12.1 to an earlier version of WSM, you must uninstall WSM v11.12.1. When you
uninstall, choose Yes when the uninstaller asks if you want to delete server configuration and data files. After
the server configuration and data files are deleted, you must restore the data and server configuration files you
backed up before you upgraded to WSM v11.12.1.
Next, install the same version of WSM that you used before you upgraded to WSM v11.12.1. The installer
should detect your existing server configuration and try to restart your servers from the Finish dialog box. If you
use a WatchGuard Management Server, use WatchGuard Server Center to restore the backup Management
Server configuration you created before you first upgraded to WSM v11.12.1. Verify that all WatchGuard
servers are running.
Downgrade from Fireware v11.12.1 to Fireware v11.x
If you use the Fireware Web UI or CLIto downgrade from Firewarev11.12.1 to an earlier
version, the downgrade process resets the network and security settings on your device to
their factory-default settings. The downgrade process does not change the device
passphrases and does not remove the feature keys and certificates.
If you want to downgrade from Fireware v11.12.1 to an earlier version of Fireware, the recommended method is
to use a backup image that you created before the upgrade to Firewarev11.12.1. With a backup image, you can
lRestore the full backup image you created when you upgraded to Fireware v11.12.1 to complete the
downgrade; or
lUse the USB backup file you created before the upgrade as your auto-restore image, and then boot into
recovery mode with the USB drive plugged in to your device. This is not an option for XTMv users.
See the Fireware Help for more information about these downgrade procedures, and information about how to
downgrade if you do not have a backup image.
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