Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v11.12.1
Release Notes 21
lPPPoELink Monitor now works correctly when you use both Link Monitor Ping and TCPwith domain
names selected.[92506]
lThe BOVPN New Gateway Endpoint menu now correctly displays the local External interface drop-
down list as the first option, and includes a tooltip to indicate that only the primary IPaddress of the
selected External interface will be used for tunnel negotiations. [87940]
lThe BOVPN Gateway Endpoints list now displays columns in the correct order. [92708]
lNAT rules now work correctly when you configure a BOVPNtunnel host route using a /32 subnet mask
and 1-to-1 NAT configured. [92700]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused a Firebox to become unresponsive after a secondary
IPaddress configured as part of a Dynamic NAT rule was removed from the Firebox configuration.
lDWM-221 modem interoperability has been improved. [92809]
lBOVPN IKEv2 tunnels to CheckPoint devices now establish correctly. [92707]
lTo prevent FireCluster upgrade issues, you can no longer upgrade a single FireCluster member with
Policy Manager. [90999]
lHotspot guest administrators can no longer get access to the backup member of a FireCluster. [92462]
lThis release resolves a FireCluster issue that caused a kernel crash and subsequent failover for some
customers. [92567]
lFrom Front Panel, you can now correctly expand FireCluster member details for a Firebox installed with
Fireware v11.11.x or earlier. [92633]
lFireCluster devices no longer produce XML-RPC error: connection time out messages when Gateway
AV signatures are manually updated in Firebox System Manager. [90792]
Proxies and Services
lThe Firebox now includes the host IPaddress when it sends data to the WebBlocker Websense
database for classification. [90264]
lThe IPSsignature ID is now included in LEEF syslog messages. [92551]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused the SMTP/POP3 proxies to strip base64 message parts if
the message parts contained the exclamation point character (!). [92622]
lThis release improves the detection of macro-enabled Microsoft Office documents. [92408]
lThe spamBlocker Virus Outbreak Control block function now correctly auto-blocks the source when a
virus is detected. [92021]
lThe SMTPproxy deny message has been improved to include different admin actions for Gateway AV
Scan errors. [92010]
lThe HTTPproxy now supports multiple Transfer-Encoding Methods carried in the same header. [92476]
lAn issue that caused some specific websites to fail to load through the HTTPS Proxy has been fixed.
lWhen you use policy manual-order mode in Fireware Web UI, HTTPS-Proxy rule position no longer
changes when Content Inspection is enabled. [92560]
lAn issue has been resolved that caused slow Google website access through links in MS Office
products when using the HTTPS Proxy with Content Inspection enabled. [92687]
lContent filtering within gzip-compressed websites has been improved. [63563]
lIn Fireware v11.11.4, we announced that PFS support was not available on Firebox T10, T30, T50, XTM
25/26, or XTM 33 devices. Because of a bug, support for PFS-capable ciphers in the TLS handshake
process was allowed in both Fireware v11.11.4 and v11.12 for this set of devices, but the restriction is
now correctly enforced in v11.12.1. See this Knowledge Base article for more information. [92504]
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