lActive Directory authentication no longer allows concurrent connections from user names that differ only
in case. [67433]
lThe session table now correctly displays users that authenticate with SSO. [92759]
lCA Manager now correctly prevents the generation of a certificate with an invalid lifetime setting. [92803]
lThe CLI command Upgrade certificate now regenerates the default self-signed certificates if they have
been removed. [92496]
lThis release resolves an issue that prevented the certificate portal from providing the correct Proxy
Authority certificate for download. [92802]
lAn issue that caused managed device templates to fail to apply to devices installed with Fireware
v11.10.x because of the WG-Cert Portal Policy has been resolved. [92755]
lYou can now connect remotely to manage a Firebox configured with PPPoE that uses a third-party
certificate as its Webserver Certificate. [92489]
Logging and Monitoring
lYou can now resize the Traffic Monitor search input field. [88613]
lYou can now configure logging and notification settings for the blocked sites list in Fireware Web UI.
lFailed authentication attempts from WatchGuard System Manager for the status user now produce a log
message: log in attempt was rejected - invalid credentials.[92445]
Wireless and AP
lAP 100/102/200 firmware v1.2.9.11 and AP300 firmware v2.0.0.6 resolve several stability issues.
[88333, 91689, 91711, 92104, 92128, 92711, 92823]
lAP 100/102/200 firmware v1.2.9.11 and AP300 firmware v2.0.0.6 resolve issues with Remote
VPNdeployment. [92454, 92562, 92579, 92580, 92909]
lThis release resolves several issues that caused crashes of the gwcd process. [92840, 92863, 92864]
lGateway Wireless Controller now supports wireless country settings of AP devices in New Caledonia.
lClients connected to AP120 and AP320 devices managed by Gateway Wireless Controller now show
correct signal strength values. [92805]
lThe Gateway Wireless Controller Wireless Client List now shows a location that matches the location
configured for the AP device. [90228]
lGateway Wireless Controller can now correctly manage an AP120 or AP320 located behind a routed
network. [92972]
lGateway Wireless Controller can now discover unpaired AP300 devices installed with AP firmware
v2.0.0.6 over-the-air. [91318]
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v11.12.1
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