1. Active Directory support includes both single domain and multi-domain support, unless otherwise noted.
2. RADIUS and SecurID support includes support for both one-time passphrases and challenge/response
authentication integrated with RADIUS. In many cases, SecurID can also be used with other RADIUS
implementations, including Vasco.
3. The Shrew Soft client does not support two-factor authentication.
4. Fireware supports RADIUS Filter ID 11 for group authentication.
5. Both single and multiple domain Active Directory configurations are supported. For information about the
supported Operating System compatibility for the WatchGuard TO Agent and SSOAgent, see the current
Fireware and WSM Operating System Compatibility table.
6. Active Directory authentication methods are supported only through a RADIUSserver.
System Requirements
If you have WatchGuard System
Manager client software only
If you install WatchGuard System
Manager and WatchGuard Server
Minimum CPU Intel Core or Xeon
Intel Core or Xeon
Minimum Memory 1 GB 2 GB
Minimum Available
Disk Space
250 MB 1 GB
Screen Resolution
1024x768 1024x768
FireboxV System Requirements
With support for installation in both a VMware and a Hyper-V environment, a WatchGuard FireboxV virtual
machine can run on a VMware ESXi 5.5, 6.0, or 6.5 host, or on Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016, or Hyper-V
Server 2012 R2 or 2016.
The hardware requirements for FireboxV are the same as for the hypervisor environment it runs in.
Each FireboxV virtual machine requires 5 GB of disk space. CPUand memory requirements vary by model:
FireboxV Model vCPUs (maximum) Memory (recommended)
Small 2 1024 MB
Medium 4 2048 MB
Large 8 4096 MB
Extra Large 16 4096 MB
System requirements for XTMv are included in Fireware Help.
Fireware and WSM v11.12.1 Operating System Compatibility
8 WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
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