Upgrade to Fireware v11.10.2 Update 2
Release Notes 13
Back up your WatchGuard Servers
It is not usually necessary to uninstall your previous v11.x server or client software when you update to WSM
v11.10.x. You can install the v11.10.x server and client software on top of your existing installation to upgrade
your WatchGuard software components. We do, however, strongly recommend that you back up your
WatchGuard Servers (for example: WatchGuard Log Server,WatchGuard Report Server) before you upgrade.
You will need these backup files if you ever want to downgrade.
To back up your Management Server configuration, from the computer where you installed the Management
1. From WatchGuard Server Center, select Backup/Restore Management Server.
The WatchGuard Server Center Backup/Restore Wizard starts.
2. Click Next.
The Select an action screen appears.
3. Select Back up settings.
4. Click Next.
The Specify a backup file screen appears.
5. Click Browse to select a location for the backup file. Make sure you save the configuration file to a
location you can access later to restore the configuration.
6. Click Next.
The WatchGuard Server Center Backup/Restore Wizard is complete screen appears.
7. Click Finish to exit the wizard.
Upgrade to Fireware v11.10.x from Web UI
If you have already installed Fireware v11.10.2 or v11.10.2 Update 1 on your computer, you
must run the Update 2 installer twice (once to remove v11.10.2 and again to install v11.10.2
Update 2).
If your Firebox is running Fireware v11.10 or later, you can upgrade the Fireware OS on your Firebox
automatically from the System > Upgrade OS page. If your Firebox is running v11.9.x or earlier, use these
steps to upgrade:
1. Go to System > Backup Image or use the USB Backup feature to back up your current device image.
2. On your management computer, launch the OS software file you downloaded from the WatchGuard
Software Downloads page.
If you use the Windows-based installer on a computer with a Windows 64-bit operating system, this
installation extracts an upgrade file called [product series]_[product code].sysa-dl l to the default
location of C:\Program Files(x86)\Common files\WatchGuard\resources\FirewareXTM\11.10.2\[model]
or [model][product_code].
On a computer with a Windows 32-bit operating system, the path is: C:\Program Files\Common
3. Connect to your Firebox with the Web UI and select System > Upgrade OS.
4. Browse to the location of the [product series]_[product code].sysa-dl from Step 2 and click Upgrade.
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