Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v11.10.2
lSeveral kernel crashes are resolved in this release. [82452, 86001, 78216]
lYou can now connect to a managed appliance through a port other than TCP/443 if you change the
default Dimension Command Port in your Dimension configuration. [86633]
lIn accordance with IETF RFC 7465, Fireware web services now block RC4 cipher suites. This
appeared to customers who ran Qualys and Nessus scans as a vulnerability (CVE-2013-2566). [83477]
lThis release resolves an issue introduced in v11.10.1 that caused the Custom Logo used in the
Authentication Portal to be removed during upgrade. [86484]
lThe SIP-ALG now has better proxy A/B channel awareness, leading to more consistent NAT behavior
on the inbound INVITE Request-URI. [84850]
lAn issue where RTP packets in SIP calls would drop after 90 seconds when using a custom SIP-ALG
proxy policy is resolved. [82766]
lAn issue has been resolved that caused SIP packets sent to an external destination to be dropped when
the SIP-ALG processed the Session Description Protocol media attribute of sendonly. [84826]
lThe HTTPS proxy now uses the TLS version from the Client Hello for a connection with Deep
Inspection of HTTPS Content, which resolves an issue that caused TLS 1.1 and 1.2 versions to fail.
lThe HTTPS proxy provides improved enforcement of SSL compliant traffic with Deep Inspection is
enabled. [85656]
lThe HTTPSproxy, with Deep Inspection enabled, no longer causes UBS Banking Access keys to fail.
lThe Firebox no longer creates erroneous log message that include the text: could not get perf log
lThis release resolves an issue that caused the FTP proxy to incorrectly change the IP address in a
Passive command response. [85902]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused UDP traffic to fail through the TCP-UDP proxy when the
Firebox was listening on that port. [85420]
Subscription Services
lApplication Control has been refined to improve identification of applications used over proxy policies.
lApplication Control detection has been improved for several types of applications:
oUltraSurf, Bypass Proxies and Tunnels Application [84056]
oFacebook Message, Social Network Application [84082]
oVoice over IP application LINE(M) [83983]
oTeamViewer Remote Terminals Application [83583]
oMozilla Firefox, Web and Internet Explorer, Web Application [85896, 83430]
lThe Proxy module no longer returns an invalid Application Category and Application ID (catid='255',
appid='65535') for unmatched applications. [85653]
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v11.10.2
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