Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v11.10.2
Release Notes 21
lGateway AV now correctly produces a scan error for password-protected files with AES 128 or 256
encryption. [85257]
lThe Gateway AV AVG core has been updated to improve virus detection accuracy. [86087]
lThis release improves the scanning and file submission by APT Blocker for files that have had their
extension modified. [86516]
lAPT Blocker now scans all files from sites that receive a good reputation from Reputation Enabled
Defense (RED). [80359]
lAPT Blocker will now scan and submit HTML-formatted Microsoft documents. [86517]
lThis release resolves an issue that caused Proxy Alarm logs for APT Blocker to fail to display in Traffic
Monitor. [85281]
lYou can now send requests to a local Lastline on-premise APT Blocker server, if you have your own
Lastline on-premise Manager and Engine installed on your network. [83403]
lQuarantine Server no longer renders email subjects in ISO-2022-JP format as unreadable. [78048]
lThis release resolves an issue that prevented the release of a large quantity of email messages from the
Quarantine Server. [85427]
lPolicy Manager now validates DHCP reservations using the correct subnet mask when multiple
networks exist on the network interface. [84106]
lThis release resolves an issue that prevented successful configuration changes from Policy Manager
when the configuration contained a large number of Server Load Balancing Policies. [85583]
lPolicy Manager now supports the configuration of 200 VLANs on a Firebox M300. [86600]
lThis release resolves several issues that prevented Branch Office VPN tunnels from working correctly
after a FireCluster failover. [85800, 86381, 86380, 86534]
lMobile VPN with IPsec connections now work correctly when the user connects from behind a Firebox
with a Branch Office VPN to the same remote gateway IP address as the Mobile VPN connection.
Logging, Reporting, and Monitoring
lIf you have configured your Firebox to send log messages to a QRadar server, the LEEF formatted log
messages now contain the correct source and destination ports. [84911]
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