Known Issues and Limitations
Known issues for Fireware v11.10.2 Update 2 and its management applications, including workarounds where
available, can be found in the Knowledge Base on the WatchGuard website. Note that you must log in to the
WatchGuard Portal to see full content for Known Issues.
Using the CLI
The Fireware CLI (Command Line Interface) is fully supported for v11.x releases. For information on how to
start and use the CLI, see the Command Line Reference Guide. You can download the latest CLI guide from
the documentation web site at
Technical Assistance
For technical assistance, contact WatchGuard Technical Support by telephone or log in to the WatchGuard
Portal on the Web at When you contact Technical Support, you must
supply your registered Product Serial Number or Partner ID.
Phone Number
U.S. End Users 877.232.3531
International End Users +1 206.613.0456
Authorized WatchGuard Resellers 206.521.8375
Known Issues and Limitations
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